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Website Development

We offer to make your site stand out from the competition.  We develop, which is different from designing. A designer makes the site look good, as a developer we make it function. Work with us and we can put together the best site for your budget.

bespoke Website Development

We sit and discuss this with you working within your budget.

Get a quote » Starts from £500

Security Audit

After completion, you can choose to have us look after your site. We back it up, scan and update it for you. We always keep a full back-up should the worst happen.

Get a quote » Starts from £25 per month

Website Hosting

We host your site on one of our dedicated servers. Costs dependant on speed and needs,

Get a quote » Starts from £10 per month

Basic SEO

This is where we fully optimise your site for the best possible chance to rank highly on search engines. This is a one-off service but can be supplemented by a monthly SEO package.

Get a quote » Starts £150

Search Engine Optimisation

A great site without being recognised my a search engine such as Google is as much use as a marshmellow fireguard. We make sure your site is indexed by Google. We work with you, dependant on your need to get your site on those search rankings.

Basic template site

No frills, just a template of one page. No hosting, no SEO… Just what it says on the tin.

Get a quote » Starts from £75

Single Page Design

This is for one page fully responsive bespoke web site. Everything you need to get started.

Get a quote » Starts from £200

Monthly SEO sercice

To keep your site updated and maintained on a monthly basis. This includes necessary updates, site audit and keyword checks.

Get a quote » Starts from £25 per month

Google Ad Words

We can at your request run an Adwords campaign. Discuss this with us to find out more.

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COmplete Website Packages

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Deluxe Full Service Website Package

When you instruct us to develop your site we will have a meeting and make sure you are fully aware of what we both need. Included, but not limited the full bespoke package includes. 

  • Full Bespoke Development
  • SEO Optimisation
  • Images/Videos
  • Fully Responsive Design
  • Full Back Up
  • Your Own Portal Access

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