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Frequently Asked Question

How long does it take?

That depends on your needs and the complexity of hte site. We like to say between 4 – 6 weeks for most projects.

What is the realistic cost?

It depends, is the best answer. We look at your budget and go from there. We can arrange monthly instalments if that helps. We build sites from £75 to £15000.

Do I Need a website?

Of course not. But when you want to find something where do you look for it. It does help business and thats proven. 

What is included?

To much to mention. We do everything for you. From indexing your site, keywords, google analytics, on nad off site optimisation and more.

Do you provide aftercare service?

We can provide an aftercare package. This will be explained if you need it. There is a cost but includes a lot of protection for your site.

What about seo?

We will make sure your site is SEO ready, after that we can provide an aftercare package. Like with everything it depends on your budget.

Why do i need a new site?

Technology changes, people will look at a site that appeals to them. These days they must work on a mobile device and play nicely. A professional site screams professional service.

i could do it myself cheaper?

Yep! However have you got the time to learn everything you need. Page makers are lovely, but they look exactly that. How many sites have you looked at and gone….Nope?

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