Pricing for your business!

The prices are shown and are calculated on your needs and time spent on the project. 

Example Cost

“A site that we developed for training had to accommodate for a learning platform, membership, e-commerce and member sections.  The time to complete the site alone was over 80 hours and cost the client £2500 before any other costs. It was cheaper than some of the software available on the market. “

A basic site

“A basic site with no frills or added parts may only cost around £150-£200.  This is usually a template based page and comes with just the site”


“An online shop can take a long time to develop and is one our more lengthy development tasks. Just for a basic online shop, you are looking at around four hours per page to make it fully optimised and working.”


“The sky is your limit here, we work with your budget and are instructed by you. You are kept informed every step of the way.”

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